Maine Service Fellows

F Celeste Braham, Libby Hite, Rep Morgan Reilly, Kate Tagai, Orion Breen, Betsy Fitzgerald, Pinny Beebe-Center, Rebecca Graham, Maryalice Crofton, Kelsey Preecs 

I.    Introduction of our new Advisory Committee member, Pinny Beebe-Center
Celeste introduced Pinny Beebe-Center. Pinny gave an overview of her history and resume.

II.    Review of our mission
Celeste gave an overview of what the purpose of the mission of the advisory committee:
After the LD1010 bill was passed we were formed to prepare the design and implementation of the program, so that once there is funding secured, Maine Service Fellows can begin with ease. 
III.    Update on strategies to raise funds

Rep Reilly update: Legislature LD1974 has funding for climate corps which also includes MSF. This Thursday is will be going through the House, hopefully to be passed through and then to the Governor’s desk. 
Volunteer Maine is producing a letter urging the importance of these programs, and Rep Reilly has asked that anyone else to following suit and submit letters of support to the AFA committee to show support. 
Discussed with Boden college about endowing a Fellow for 1 – 3 years.
Working on reaching out to Colby and Bates college(s) as well for funding of Fellows positions.

IV.    Review of final draft of host site selection criteria

Maryalice and Kelsey review the changes from the previous meeting, no notes about the changes needed.

V.  Review of Fellows selection criteria

Discussion was brought up about length of term – debate about 1 or 2 years. Majority of the group decided that 2 years is beneficial for both Fellow and organization.

VI. Review of host site application procedures

This was tabled to take time to look at further. A note was made that there may be some redundancy in the application, and Volunteer Maine staff will review and address any replication of questions. 

VII. Selection of next meeting date

May 10, 2022 at 4:30 pm