Grant Selection and Performance

PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Jamie McFaul

The task force meeting opened at 8:30 am by teleconference.

Because a quorum was not present, the task force items will have to be discussed by the full board. Those present did go over discussion items slated for today.

Policy change proposals. 
Commission staff propose changes to the audit policy and establishing a policy to ensure compliant sex offender registry checks are done by grantees. The background was provided along with the language changes as part of the meeting notice. On review, it was decided clarifications were not necessary and it will go to the full board for consideration.

AmeriCorps National Direct consultation results.
After task force members had the opportunity to weigh in, Commission staff submitted the state consultation on National Directs using both feedback and policy. The results were provided to the task force as part of this meeting notice. No clarification was needed.

AmeriCorps Formula Grants.
The two Requests for Proposals were published March 6 with submission deadlines of April 15. In addition to new proposals, the seven existing formula programs will be submitting continuation applications. The task force will need to make decisions around both sets (new and continuation) during early May and present recommendations to the Commission at its May 15 meeting. A likely timeline for task force work was reviewed. The work is earlier than usual since CNCS moved the formula submission deadline forward a month.

It was noted that the pool of peer reviewers needs to be refreshed. All Commissioners will be asked to help recruit people using the information posted on the Commission's grant site.

There being no other items for discussion, the meeting ended at 9:07 am.