Office Administrator: March 2023

Supported Executive Director

  • Managed contracts, D.O.s, P.O.s, modifications Advantage ME for vendors
  • OIT Billing edits
  • Processed invoices daily. 
  • Resolved payment and accounting issues with DAFS and vendors
  • Outreach to Commissioners, consultants, and business partners
  • DEI reading assignments
  • Staff reading assignments
  • OIT Billing corrections and outreach
  • DOE DEI Committee Meetings
  • Researched billing records to resolve Advantage issues with DAFS
  • Ordered office supplies
  • DAFS outreach about dis-encumberance from previous grant cycles
  • February Staff Report
  • Checking invoices submitted to DAFS for payment against tracking sheet that observes balances and Advantage payout data
  • Payment tracking for OnCorps invoices
  • Completed payment tracking sheet for AmeriCorps grant reimbursements for quarterly reports
  • Resolved payment issue with Al!ve
  • Handled approval process for three RFAs in DAFS' Dynamics system
  • Placed three classifcied ads in Kennebec Journal for VM's new RFAs
  • Prepared materials and room set up for Commission meeting
  • Meeting minutes for March's Commission meeting
  • Submissions in MainePays system
  • Purchased office supplies
  • General Routing request for SISGI contract modifications
  • Processed all outstanding reimbursements for all AmeriCorps grants as of 3/31/2023

Supported Grants Officer

  • Proofed submitted grantee data in OnCorps
  • Processed fixed amount hours reports, PERs, and custom report invoices for all grantees
  • Grantee outreach
  • Registration and account set up for professional development course
  • General Routing request in Advantage for GPCOG's CT modification
  • Resolved GPCOG missing payment issue
  • Vendor address correction process for Main Street Skowhegan

Supported Communications Officer

  • Pulled Crestline order data
  • Contract and Advantage CT for Maine Association of Broadcasters

Supported Program Development Officer

  • Billing/Invoices related to VGF funds
  • Extracted survey data

Supported Climate Corps Coordinator

  • Web postings
  • Conference registrations
  • Travel reimbursement

Supported Training Officer

  • Outreach to planning grants with guidence, answers
  • Q&A sessions with Unity College and Alpha Legal Foundation regarding OnCorps best practices

Supported Maine Service Fellows Coordinator:

  • TriState staffing invoices 
  • Conference registrations

Professional Development:

  • Lectures, coursework, and exams for BUA 101: Accounting for Management Decisions, at the University of Maine, Augusta in order to improve accounting skills and knowledge; the course consists of a lecture and 2.5 hours of assignments every week.

Major focus of effort for next month:

The Office Administrator will continue pursuing professional development in acquiring basic accounting and management principles through BUA 101 while continuing maintenance of the reimbursement tracking sheet.

Prepared by Nathan McIvor, Office Administrator