Organizational Structure and Who to Contact

A Diffuse Organizational Structure in Maine

As happens with many initiatives in Maine’s volunteer sector, there is no universal network to bring the opportunity to local residents and organizations. Some networks are defined by geography as exemplified by United Ways. Some networks are defined by a common mission, such as associations of land trusts or YMCAs or after-school youth programs. To accommodate the many ways Service Enterprise can reach local organizations (public and private nonprofit), Volunteer Maine adopted a model in which Volunteer Maine itself is the central authorized Service Enterprise promoter (aka, Hub). Volunteer Maine maintains the network of certified trainers and promotes establishment of Service Enterprise affiliates.

Organizational Structure in Maine

Contact Volunteer Maine for general information about Service Enterprise or to learn how to become a Hub. If you are ready to participate, contact a trainer at your regional Hub listed below.

In Penobscot County:  
Shirar Patterson, United Way of Eastern Maine, (207) 941-2800

In Franklin County:
Lisa Laflin, United Way of TriValley Area, (207) 778-5048 

In York County: 
Jason Ketterick, United Way of York County, (207) 965-3359

For all other counties in Maine: 
Maryalice Crofton, Volunteer Maine, (207) 624-7792
Michael Ashmore, Volunteer Maine, (207) 624-7792
Pam Zeutenhorst, Envision Prosperity, (207) 356-0073