Maine Service Fellows

June 20, 2019


PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Libby Hite, Maryalice Crofton, Orion Breen 

  1. Update on General Funds
    • Full general fund request approved for 2 years.
    • Includes funds for 10k for supporting a grad student to help with MSF roll out and help identify potential foundation funding/grants for MVF.
    • Includes funds for out of state recruiting (Focus on AmeriCorps and MSF).
  2. Update on Maine Volunteer Foundation (Orion)
    • Notes that MVF is on board with aging in place as first year focus area.
  3. Fellow Service Description
    • Feedback received and incorporated from task force members.
    • Libby will work on cleaning up the format.
  4. Next Steps
    • Conversations with organizations working in age friendly communities.
      • Orion expressed a need for examples of communities doing this work to be used when approaching funders.
      • General list of where we think a fellow could be placed – could help with conversations with funders. There is a need for examples of towns that fit with the rural definition, are active in creating age friendly communities, and need a service fellow to help them get their work to where they want it to be. This is one role a grad student could play.
    • Get back in front of the funders to ask about specific focus area.
    • Maryalice will get in touch with contacts who may be able to identify a grad student or part time person.
    • Site Application – Looking ahead, we will want to have a site application prepared for when funding sources are identified so that we can move quickly to stand up a pilot site.

Next Meeting - July 18th 1:00 pm  
Meeting adjourned at – 1:27 pm