Maine Service Fellows

Present: Ed Barrett, Madelyn Hennessey, Maryalice Crofton 

It was noted that Julia Fiori, Chris Wolff, and Orion Breen were unable to attend. 

Members gathered by teleconference at 3pm. Maryalice noted that the Commission chair has asked someone to join the task force as chair but the individual has not made a decision. For this meeting, she will facilitate the discussion.

Questions from the new member, Madelyn, were addressed first. The overall description of the Maine Service Fellows program had been shared before the meeting. 

Maryalice gave an update concerning the Volunteer Development Associate. The person in the position left at the start of January 2020 due to other work opportunities. The search is underway for someone to fill the position. The Maine Volunteer Foundation will be helping with outreach and selection. 

This phase of development needs to tackle the host organization application, selection process, expectations of Service Fellow host organizations, and other operation issues. In addition, the policies and procedures for recruiting, selecting, placing, and supporting service by the Fellows need to be developed. A strategy for accomplishing this efficiently was offered and accepted. 

The task force will hold a Maine Service Fellow design workshop on Friday, March 13, from 9am to 3pm at a location near Interstate 95.* Organizations and coalitions representing entities likely to apply for a Service Fellow will be asked to volunteer their time and expertise to the work. The goal is to engage people who may use the program in devising the policies, procedures, and expectations. The task force may refine the products of the day but they will be better grounded in community conditions. 

TASK FORCE MEMBERS ASSIGNMENT: By February 7, submit to Maryalice the contact information for people who should be invited to participate. The office will use its existing lists and social media to invite people but this second “all call” is intended to net groups and individuals who do not have a pre-existing relationship with Volunteer Maine. 

The “agenda” for the day will be reviewed at the next Maine Service Fellow Task Force meeting. Members are asked to attend. Maine Volunteer Foundation board members will also be asked to attend. 

MEETING SCHEDULE: Upon review of the availability poll, it was determined that this task force will meet the FOURTH Wednesday of each month at 3pm. The normal meeting will occur by Skype and the link will remain the same from February forward. 

NEXT MEETING: February 26, 2020 – 3pm