Maine Service Fellows

PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Madelyn Hennessey, Julia Fiori, Maryalice Crofton

 Members convened at 3pm by teleconference. Chris Wolff and Orion Breen had sent regrets. 


  1. Status of participant registration for Think Tank.
    Of the people invited, 32 have signed up to attend. The goal is to have 40 so any additional prodding task force members can do is appreciated. Registration has to close March 6 so the lunch order can be submitted on time. Funders who work with small organizations and art/cultural organizations are not represented yet. Everyone who has not responded will get a second letter in the hopes they will consider attending.
  2. Draft outline for March 13 event.
    Members had received the draft order for the day. The only modification recommended was adding an icebreaker so people could connect and feel more connected before moving into the group work. Maryalice noted the morning speakers will be from Massachusetts Service Alliance which operates the Commonwealth Corps. The afternoon kick-off will be Andy Therriault from Island Institute.
  3. Roles for Task Force and Foundation Board members
    Task force members and Foundation board members attending are asked to bring laptops and keyboard comments made in the groups. This way we can cross-reference notes in case one set is too cryptic or not legible.
  4. Status of finding a new Volunteer Maine Development Associate 
    There was one applicant and the foundation president is joining Maryalice to interview the person early next week.

 There being no other pressing business, the members dispersed at 3:31 pm.