Program Development & Training Officer: December2023

Major projects completed –

  • Finalized and submitted Penobscot funding agreement contract
  • Traveled to the tribal awardee offices on Indian Island each Tuesday of the month to provide new grantee training sessions for tribal staff. Their training cycle began in November with an introduction to Fixed Award Federal Financial Management
  • Hosted monthly Planning Grant and Operating program Technical Assistance meetings, The AC TA meeting was face to face and included a luncheon, followed by the meeting of the Maine Climate Corps, which the Training Officer also attended.  TA topics included information learned during late November’s AmeriCorps Symposium in Washington, DC
  • Had AmeriCorps Program development discussions with multiple agencies and continued outreach work with others.  Also continued conversations with existing Rural State grantees regarding their upcoming re-compete this spring
  • Initiated AmeriCorps Member Conference planning, including member conference committee formation, updating of past documents, preparation of new materials, and agenda plans for weekly meetings
  • Continued to develop module two of the new Introductory Volunteer Management credential with the design team, which met in December
  • Compiled and submitted the Federal Financial report for 22AFFME001, the AmeriCorps planning grants
  • Participated in the VOAD response meeting related to the December 18 weather event

Issues to be aware of --

  • December Storm damage may require some support for MEMA and work with Maine Ready platform, as well as more frequent interaction with Maine VOAD members
  • December included multiple outreach conversations regarding a program design that could help Community Concepts with elements of the recovery activity resulting from the Lewiston tragedy.  The agency opted not to apply
  • December was the start of Training Officer oversight of the Maine Volunteer Managers’ Network (MVMN), which meets monthly.  Current membership is over 130 individuals. E & E is providing additional input and support on meeting design and the direction(s) for the group
  • Penobscot Nation is starting their new award on Jan 1st and needs to fill their 10 full-time AmeriCorps positions before the end of February.  A short recruitment window will make that challenging

Major focus of effort in the new month --

  • Major planning for AmeriCorps Member Conference, scheduled for April 3rd.
  • Developing a more interactive model for the MVMN, including a parallel ‘Community of Practice’ and utilizing their input for populating the Fall Leadership Conference design committee
  • Disaster Response support
  • Semi-annual Site Supervisor Training

Other activity --

  • Hosted Maine Volunteer Managers’ Network meeting
  • Facilitated E & E Task Force Meeting and follow-up.
  • Ongoing AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Procurement system management and initial entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.