Office Administrator: May 2022

Supported Executive Director

  • Managed contracts, D.O.s, P.O.s, modifications Advantage ME for vendors
  • OIT Billing edits
  • Processed invoices daily. 
  • Resolved payment and accounting issues with DAFS and vendors
  • Outreach to Commissioners, consultants, and business partners
  • DEI reading assignments
  • Staff reading assignments
  • P-card expense report
  • OIT Billing corrections and outreach
  • DOE DEI Committee Meetings
  • Researched billing records to resolve Advantage issues with DAFS
  • Ordered office supplies
  • DAFS outreach about dis-encumberance from previous grant cycles
  • Staff Report
  • Checking invoices submitted to DAFS for payment against tracking sheet that observes balances and Advantage payout data
  • Completed payment tracking sheet for AmeriCorps grant reimbursements for quarterly reports
  • Prepared materials and room set up for Commission meeting
  • Meeting minutes for March's Commission meeting
  • Submissions in MainePays system
  • Purchased office supplies
  • Statement to Unity College regarding banking confusion
  • Unity Banking issue: working with team within DAFS
  • Advantage GR request and CT modification for SISGI
  • TriState D.O. allotment issue - worked with DAFS

Supported Grants Officer

  • Proofed submitted grantee data in OnCorps
  • Processed fixed amount hours reports, PERs, and custom report invoices for all grantees
  • Grantee outreach
  • Supported grantees through OnCorps submission issues
  • Payment tracking for all OnCorps invoices

Supported Communications Officer

  • Print job with Copy Center Plus for Climate Corps one-sheet
  • A/V Training Sessions for future Commission meetings
  • Worked with DAFS and DOE to revise Maine Association of Broadcaster/TriState expense data research between MainePays and Advantage

Supported Program Development Officer

  • VGF-related invoices

Supported Climate Corps Coordinator

  • Web postings
  • Travel reimbursements
  • YouTube video processing/captioning

Supported Training Officer:

  • Worked with AmeriCorps grantees and DAFS Service Center to adjust Member Conference dues as needed
  • OnCorps training

Supported Maine Service Fellows Coordinator:

  • TriState staffing invoices 
  • Travel reimbursements

Professional Development:

Lectures, coursework, and exams for BUA 101: Accounting for Management Decisions, at the University of Maine, Augusta in order to improve accounting skills and knowledge; the course consists of a lecture and 2.5 hours of assignments every week.

Major focus of effort for next month:

The Office Administrator will continue maintenance of the reimbursement tracking sheet.

Prepared by Nathan McIvor, Office Administrator