Grants Officer: December 2023

Major projects completed:

•    Assisted MYA Program Director with a slot conversion in the eGrants portal 

•    Reviewing all approval of all submitted and compliant GPR’s for Q2, Q3 and Performance Measures in the 2024-2025

•    Setting up the Writeboard for the Grants Task Force grant review for the continuation of GPCOG and the new application (competitive) for the Maine Conservation Corps

•    Participation in the in person Technical assistance training in December 

•    Continued inquiry with DAFS about late payments to assess when they will be paid out to subgrantees

•    Participation in the AmeriCorps State & National grantee/Commission call

•    Meeting with Finance administrator at the Maine Youth Alliance to go over invoice reporting and submission 

•    Site visit and training with staff of Penobscot Nation Housing Department (PNHD)
Items to be aware of:
•    The OIG has sent out their final report about the closed Axiom AmeriCorps program
•    DAFS still has not fixed the issue with the payment system and there are still outstanding invoice for our subgrantees 
Major focus of effort for the next month:
•    Review of AmeriCorps member timesheets for compliance and confirming member interview dates/times to all operational programs 
•    Reviewing data from all operational AmeriCorps programs to put in the Annual Report
•    Working with the GTF to discuss grant review process and policies
•    Review of administrative procedures for the site supervisor/host site visits and interviews