Grant Officer: August 2023

Major projects completed:

  • Meeting with Game Loft Program Directors to discuss the recent staff changes and timeline for program manager replacement 
  • Attended the ASN Reporting NSCHC Disallowance: Process Review for Prime Grant Recipients call 
  • Attendance and participation at the ‘Strengthening your Facilitation Skills’ 101 classes at the Hutchinson Center 
  • Participated in AmeriCorps Modernization call and attended the ASN monthly National calls as well as their State Commission call
  • Planning meeting with Program Officer and Climate Corps Coordinator for the upcoming Commitment to Service at Viles Arboretum 
  • Review and approval of all compliant Q2 and Q3 grantee progress reports
  • Corresponded with Massachusetts Service Alliance about their monitoring tools and templates for review and comparison to our own 
  • Review and approval of all compliant position descriptions in OnCorps 
  • Meeting with Maine Conservation Corps program director to discuss a future amendment to change their slot configuration for Team Leaders
  • Meeting with GPCOG’s program director to discuss slot conversions and progress report 
  • Attended and participated in ASC’s Program Evaluation Work Group to discuss recruitment and retention 
  • Assisted KVCAPs interim program director about member exits and their timesheet approval

Issues to be aware of:

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Checking the status with DAFS for unpaid grantee invoices
  • Completion of progress report reviews for all compliant reports 
  • Reviewing and verifying close-out documentation from multiple AmeriCorps programs
  • Finalizing contracts 
  • Beginning subgrantee monitoring 
  • Planning and AmeriCorps swearing in event for October or November