Communications Officer: October 2022

Major projects completed

  • Exhibited at Maine Municipal Association Convention
  • Organized and participated in Maine Volunteer Foundation Annual Meeting.
  • Digital promotion of CMV course
  • Creation of new Maine Service Fellows outreach signage
  • Sorted, edited and distributed all photos from AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith's visit to Maine
  • Amplification of Washington Post story on Climate Corps
  • Updates to MVLC portion of the website with presenter info, registration, and session info.

Issues to be aware of

  • There are continued issues with the calendar function of the website. Bryan continues to work with vendor InforME to find a solution.

Major focus of effort in the next month/continuation

  • Planning: design and publishing schedule of annual report
  • Collaborating with team members to get new outreach material orders placed
  • Presenting at Leavitt High School career fair
  • Preparing session for Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference
  • Rethinking Communications Plan and planning meetings with staff members to design individual plans for focus areas.
  • Development of Training for Life campaign, specifically determining best avenues for promotion.
  • Collaborating with Task Force to produce an op-ed in-line with Training for Life concept.
  • Continued digital promotion of AmeriCorps service opportunities.
  • "Volunteer Fare" newsletter reboot.
  • Ongoing work to update press release/news distribution lists to include updated list of commissioners, MVF Board members, and other supporters both in state government and AmeriCorps Federal agency.


  • Staffed October Communications Task Force meeting.

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche