Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference: watch party information

Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference logoWhat is a “watch party”? 

It is a small gathering of volunteer leaders who use large screen technology in a training or conference area to attend the virtual Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference. This option is also available in order to overcome issues of internet connectivity in rural areas.

The site host submits one registration for the group and the $100 fee is shared among the participants. (e.g., 10 participants pay the host $10 each to cover the fee, 4 participants pay $25 each, etc.) The site host is the point person who receives the instructions for connecting to each session. The host should be prepared to download and distribute any documents for activities that a presenter sends during a session.

Why host a watch party? 

It provides an opportunity for volunteer program staff, leaders, sponsors, and supporters to discuss the information and ideas presented. It supports participation of leaders who may want a break from the world of isolated online meetings and learning yet. it offers local volunteer program leaders an opportunity to celebrate and re-energize by being with peers.

Note that “Watch Party” locations will not be listed or promoted. Questions? Please email Kelsey Preecs at