Grant Selection and Performance Task Force

PRESENT: Ed Barrett, Matt L’Italien, Becky Hayes-Boober, Nate Rudy, Zakk Maher, Michael Moran, Kirsten Brewer, Maryalice Crofton, Jamie McFaul

The task force convened the public meeting by videoconference at 9:26 am.

Recommendation for Climate Corps funding
Applications to the Climate Corps competition were peer reviewed by the task force that oversaw Climate Corps' development. The legislative appropriation is $200,000 which is enough to fund 4 corps members and a program director. This meeting is to formalize the funding recommendation for vote by the board on 10/21. The motion to present to the full board was approved. It reads:

MOVE that the Downeast Community Partners grant proposal for a 1-year Climate Corps grant be funded for no more than $200,000 with the stipulation that corrections and clarifications described in the report from reviewers are addressed before the award is finalized. 

Grant Review Schedule  (now through the Commission business meeting on 12/18)
The Request for Applications (RFA) for Public Health and the Competitive Continuations are in procurement that should be published by Tuesday 10/18 with a November deadline. The GTF review period will more than likely be on the first week of December. Continuation proposals from both AmeriCorps Competitive programs are due at the same time. More to follow in the coming weeks.

There being no other items to discuss the session adjourned.  9:47 adjourned