Excellence and Expertise Task Force: August 2021


Pam Proulx-Curry, Susan Hawthorne, Veronica Kupferman, Dale Rowley Staff: M. Ashmore, K. Preecs

The meeting opened at 1:30 pm by teleconference

AC Program Support - Writeboard "Handbook" Other updates as needed

Welcome & Introductions

  • adjustments to the agenda
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  • Is anyone new in attendance?
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Professional Development Fund Application consideration

  • MA presented application for support from the Professional Development Fund to participate in an Asset Based Community Development training opportunity that was recommended to grantees working in the Community development arena. KP noted that she and Kate Kablansky from our office are also attending the training.
  • The application request was abbreviated – minimum info only, as the individual needed to meet the deadline and has not yet been able to determine if there was time in the schedule for the multi session training.
  • PPC described her support for ABCD in general and felt that the agency would greatly benefit.
  • A vote to fund was taken with VK, PPC, SH all supporting and DR abstaining. MA will notify the applicant

AC Program Support - Writeboard "Handbook"

  • MA outlined the progress made, in response to the research into program support needs, in creating an accessible manual or handbook for program directors and other AC staff. The “handbook” is largely complete --only one section still to complete-- using the Basecamp Group Hub Writeboard function to provide guidance and links to resources and training. MA provided a brief tour and answered questions regarding the materials.
  • PPC expressed appreciation regarding the organization and the content of the various boards
  • MA offered Task Force members the opportunity
  • SH noted the volume of info and but noted that the intent is to provide “as needed” info rather than needing to review it all at once
  • VK remarked on the value of having a resource that can be accessed “when the information is needed”

Volunteer Leadership Conference Update (10-12-21)

  • KP began with a review of confirmed speakers and their planned content, including the Keynote and a variety of session presenters providing different content. The Conference landing page has information and will be updated as speakers are confirmed: http://volunteermaine.gov/volunteer-leaders/conference
  • KP also updated the group on the Sponsorship search – Cabot has been asked. Galaxy Digital was also asked (they are presenting), and Machias Savings Bank but no response yet. PPC mentioned she would look for additional contacts at MSB. SH mentioned that the Hollywood Casino offers non-profit sponsorships. DR noted that it is a state regulated and taxed industry. PPC shared her experience at EMCC providing training with the Casino; noted no public blowback. SH suggested that it is a “well we haven’t been to”.
  • KP asked for additional suggestions. PPC promised to contact Bangor Savings. VK mentioned Hannaford; PPC asked if we had a one-pager to use during outreach. MA mentioned Norway Savings Bank and Target’s regional office. He also noted that State Farm is a supporter of volunteerism, but it is dispersed across local agents who operate independently.
  • VK asked about sponsorship levels. KP shared $500, $1000 and $3000 with different exposure. Everyone gets social media and acknowledgement. $1000 level gets logos on conference backgrounds used in the sessions and $3000 also gets opportunity o speak during the conference. We have not had a $3000 sponsorship in the past. VK also asked how much we are looking for. KP noted that $4500 would cover most conference costs and relieve the Commission contribution.
  • PPC asked about fees for the conference. MA noted that meal and facility costs in the past are not a factor this year. Half of the attendees participate with some level of discount. Past conference registrations cover food/facility, with Commission and sponsors covering other costs. Last year’s remote conference was lower registration cost, but speaker fees were higher due to the opportunity to include more remote professional presenters.

Other Business

  • PPC asked if we should be adding more members. Group agreed that it would be valuable. MA updated the group on Lisa Morin’s status. MA noted that PPC should contact JTF regarding assigning Commissioners to E&E

Meeting adjourned at 2:34pm