Excellence and Expertise Task Force

May 7, 2015


Present: [by teleconference] Bonnie Bagley, Mark Hews, Maryalice Crofton  

The meeting convened at 3:30 pm.  

CMV course status and revenue.
The class that started May 4 had 30 registrants. One person has postponed taking the course until fall. The course fees will cover technology costs and leave about $400 for promotion of the fall session. The problems experienced by the winter class of students turn out to be related to Maine specific transmission issues. The content is being moved from Presenter to Captivate. The latter has buffering capacity which should eliminate problems. 

Municipal Service Enterprise work
Maryalice attended the first meeting of potential advisory committee members in the Farmington area. Four of five invited municipal officials attended which is considered very good. There is a temporary lull while United Way works out a plan to manage the project. The staff person who was in charge has left the agency for a job in education, her original career. 

Franklin Ambassador program and Franklin Project
Information coming out of Franklin indicates the Ambassadors will be asked to pull together an event in specific cities. Gordon is the only Ambassador in Maine and the undertaking needs to be more than one person's responsibility although he will be asked to develop a plan for executing the community event while at the training in June. 

The members asked that Gordon brief the commissioners on what is expected of him and the outcomes identified at this point. Then the task force will recommend the Commission formally commit to assisting him in carrying out the project. It is a value's-based, social marketing event so being near a media market and having the opportunity to engage people who shape public conversation is important. The task force recommendation is that Bangor be the city but realize Gordon needs to be looped in and have input.

Process for adding new task force members  
Maryalice asked if the members had established a process for adding new people who were not commissioners. The decision is to create a brief electronic application that provides a sense of someone's expertise and experience in the field. Maryalice will draft something for consideration.