Grant Selection and Performance Task Force

Present: Kelly Day, Becky Hayes-Boober, William Guindon, Matt Williams; Michael Moran, Ed Barrett

Staff: Jamie McFaul

The members convened at 8:35 a.m. using the virtual meeting technology. 

There was a brief discussion on the AmeriCorps National Directs in Maine so there could be consensus on Commission advisory ratings to CNCS. When reviewing the National Direct applications, it was important to keep in mind the Commissions funding priorities. Volunteer Maine has identified the following priorities for AmeriCorps:

  • Public Health – including domestic violence, substance use, emergency preparedness/response, and mental health; 
  • Workforce development – combining service with skill development that leads to post-service employment
  • Housing – affordable and safe housing; home energy conservation, weatherization, repair
  • Climate action compatible with Maine Won’t Wait (the state climate action plan) and Maine Climate Corps; and, 
  • Environmental/community sustainability which would encompass emergency preparedness and aspects of transportation.

The following agencies that have applied to provide service in Maine, touched on one or more of the mentioned priorities. The Task force recommendation is by each one.

  • American Heart Association, Inc.: Support
  • FoodCorps, Inc.: Support
  • Home Performance Coalition: Support
  • Leadership Foundations: Support
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation: Support
  • Conservation Legacy: Support

There was an open Q & A aimed at addressing ways that the staff (Grants Officer) can provide data and communication in a more effective manner. All correspondence that goes to the task force will be delivered no later than 7 days prior to any meeting in which decisions are to be made and content discussed. 

Quarterly reports on subgrantees progress and any other pertinent information about performance will be provided to the task force. If anything should arise that is important or noteworthy it will be delivered within the quarter on an as necessary basis. 

Timelines for grant review process will be posted on the Writeboard so that schedules can be coordinated in a more efficient manner moving forward. As, timelines for grant review are subject to changes, communication of any adjustment will be posted on the Writeboard in Basecamp.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 a.m.