Grant Selection and Performance Task Force

PRESENT: Becky Hayes-Boober, Ed Barrett, Maryalice Crofton, Gary Dugal, Bill Guindon, Diane Lebson, Michael Moran

Guest: Ron Holmes
Staff: M. Ashmore

The members convened at 8:30 am using the virtual meeting technology.

Discussion items:
This meeting was designed as a training for new GTF members who will be participating in Task Force Reviews of the Formula operating, planning, and continuation applications submitted April 13.23.

MM checked in and left the meeting prior to the training because he is unavailable during the review period. RH participated because he is volunteering as a reviewer.

Discussion prior to the training included welcoming of members and a brief discussion of the status of UMCOA’s Lifelong AmeriCorps program and its notification that it would not be continuing. MA reviewed steps already taken by staff to move the program to a different agency. DL made some suggestions regarding outreach to potential hosts.

Submitted proposals:  It was noted that eGrants submissions included three expected formula rural continuations along with the eGrants portion of applications for three planning grants and one operating Rural State grant.  MA cautioned that this is preliminary information because complete applications also include submissions of additional documents directly to the Office of Procurement, which have not been confirmed by the start of the meeting

Training: The Task Force Role and Review Process for New and Continuation AmeriCorps Grant Proposals
The majority of the meeting was taken up by the training including questions from and clarifications offered to participants. Training slides and a recording are available to Commission members interested in reviewing the materials.

The members dispersed at 9:40 am, following the completion of the training.