Executive Committee

PRESENT: Jenni Tilton-Flood, Celeste Branham, Ed Barrett, Luke Shorty, Maryalice Crofton

The members convened at 3:30 pm using the virtual meeting technology.

SUCCESSION/TRANSITION CLARIFICATION. Exec members have used both terms when discussion staff changes and cultivating board leadership. Jenni led a discussion on the distinction and how to ensure any discussion related to the Commission was clear with regard to meaning. Luke is concerned about cultivating future leadership. There is an officer succession built in (chair elect moves to chair, vice chair moves up, etc.). It was pointed out that the Board Development Task Force was folded into Exec committee. There was agreement that establishing it as a distinct task force should be considered after January 1, 2023. The ASC leadership convening is also a board development opportunity. The dates were just announced as Feb 14-16. Both Luke and Pam are available to attend with Maryalice.

Returning to the planning for staff change, Celeste noted that SISGI Group uses the term succession so, even though it may confuse, that’s where the usage comes from. Members discussed the merits of extending SISGI ‘s contract but changing the focus to another of its business offerings (succession planning). The consensus was there is an advantage to working with SISGI Group because Thenera is already orientated to the Commission, its environment, and its people after 18 months of DEI support. Celeste has information from Thenera about the potential scope of services. Thenera requested more information about the Commission goals, investment, and timeframe so she could be more specific in a proposal. Celeste will circulate that email to Exec members for feedback and then respond to Thenera. Any contract extension has to be initiated soon because the original contract ends mid-December.

PLAN FOR NOVEMBER BOARD MEETING. An outline for the time on November was circulated with this meeting’s notice. Members approved the plan which is as follows:

  • 9 am (option)    Attend keynote by Diane Lebson, board member
  • 10 am-12 pm    Regular business meeting
  • 12-1pm             Listening/inquiry from managers of volunteers – during lunch, Commissioners are on a mission to hear from managers
                             of volunteers who are attending. They have 2 questions to pose.
  • 1pm-end (option) Attend conference afternoon sessions that may be of interest

2023 WORKPLAN BASED ON STRATEGIC PLAN. An update of the framework was shared. It incorporated the outcomes of Exec Committee’s work session on October 21. The next step is to take it to the full board for consideration and final editing. This will be the major topic on the November board agenda it will need final adoption in December so task forces can move forward on their assignments starting in January. Luke volunteered to help Maryalice structure the work session. They will meet on Nov 8. It needs a significant block of time. 

The deemphasis of a couple of items under opportunities was discussed. The one that won’t be just set aside is furthering the Commission DEI initiative. This should now be overtly woven into each task force work plan and not be confined to the subcommittee. This frees the subcommittee to be in a consultant and accountability role. Regarding expansion of task force membership to include voices not represented on the Commission, the assessment done at the retreat is now a compiled document that everyone will have. A discussion of whether to coordinate outreach or leave it to the task forces did not settle on a preference.

There being no other discussion items, the members dispersed at 4:34 pm.