Excellence and Expertise Task Force

PRESENT: Veronica Kupferman, Pam Proulx-Curry, Dale Rowley

Staff: M. Ashmore, K. Preecs

The meeting opened at 1:30 pm by teleconference  

1. Welcome & Introductions

  • adjustments to the agenda
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  •  Is anyone new in attendance?
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  • Chair, SH sends her regrets; she is unable to attend due to a personal matter

2. Summer training schedule for new and existing Grantees

MA shared the planned schedule and detailed specific content for New Grantee training; schedule detailed here: 

Topic: New Grantee Training & Summer AC TA 
Time:  Most Thursdays, until Aug 26, 2021, 
Grantee Trainings: 9:00 AM to Noon  
Technical Assistance Meetings begin at 9:30 with extended day 5 August

  • Jun 17, 2021 - Member Position Description requirements and Recruitment
  • Jun 24, 2021 - Member Agreements & Training requirements
  • Jul 1, 2021 - 9:30am to 11:30am - AC Technical Assistance
  • Jul 8, 2021 - Special Session: Writing Your Proposal so It Gets Funded: Maryalice will lead a training in how to write (rewrite) an AC application so it is competitive rather than limping into fundability
  • Jul 15, 2021 - Member Enrollment, NSCHC, and other Human Resource Topics
  • Jul 22, 2021 - Finance for Cost Reimbursement Grantees (including finance staff)
  • Jul 29, 2021 - OnCorps training, Inclusive programming, Branding & Gear
  • Aug 5, 2021 - 9:30am to 3:30pm - AC Technical Assistance   
                          Celebration Luncheon provided - afternoon session on changes to funding agreement
  • Aug 19, 2021 - Finance for Fixed Price Grantees (including finance staff)
  • Aug 26, 2021 - Site Management & Site Supervisor Training (including site supervisors)
  • Staff of newly awarded grants are required to participate in all trainings.  At least one staff person - usually the program director - participates in all training and that finance and human resource staff also participate as appropriate.
  • Staff of continuing grantees who have not participated in a previous New Grantee series are also required to participate.  All other staff are welcome to participate as a refresher, or if they did not attend all portions of previous trainings, or if they received an abbreviated mid-year new staff training.
  • All programs must have staff participate in Technical Assistance meetings.
  • The special session on July 8 is for all programs
  • MA also noted that we have only two new grantees this spring and both have benefited from being planning grant recipients, which will also us to evaluate the value of planning grants in terms of grantee compliance and performance in the first year.
  • PPC asked if samples and templates are provided to trainees.  MA shared that we do provide templates.

3. Service Enterprise Cohort Participation Update

  •  KP provided an update on the organizations that have elected to the participate in the upcoming SE Cohort.  She noted that there are a number on the list that have not yet responded.
  • She also provided the schedule. MOU’s in June with organizations completing the Service Enterprise diagnostic during July and August followed by individual consultation sessions.  Cohort training takes place over seven sessions in September and October with a week (and sometimes two) between the sessions to allow agencies to meet with their planning teams and complete homework.

4. Online Volunteer management course sign-ups – registration closes on Friday the 4th

KP also provided an update on the Certificate in Volunteer Management course, noting that its planned start date was delayed due to some technical challenges. Captivate, the e-learning platform has been updated and interactive elements and downloads in the course sessions needed to be updated so they functioned in the updated platform. 

  • The structure and timing of the course – asynchronous learning over eight weeks for a six-module course with assessments that must be passed to move to the subsequent module.
  • The sessions normally occur in the Fall, Winter and Spring, with the Spring session typically being the smallest, 5-10 participants per offering.  Fall is the largest because the Fall Conference is a key advertising opportunity.
  • MA noted that KP is signed up for the Points of Light “Train the Trainer” for Service Enterprise.

5. Follow up on professional development fund web & application updates

  •  MA reviewed the planned updates and noted that he and Bryan had not yet made the changes to the website and to the related documents 

6. Leadership Conference Update (10-12-21)

  • KP shared that the conference would again be presented virtually this year and shared her progress in planning the Volunteer Leadership course and changes made based on last year’s online conference. Of note:
    • Shorter 45m sessions with some doubles. Draft timing was shared
    • Outreach to content providers, TJ Holloway for Keynote – working on cost and other details.  Invitation to Japhet Els, AARP speaker, was on Panel last year, to address elder issues.  Dana Litmin 3C’s of happy volunteers. Invited Rachel Puckett of Michigan State, session on training and teambuilding in the virtual arena.
    • KP will be sending out call of presenters
  • Next step is to reach out to presenters in the area of youth service.  PPC asked what the age range is. MA noted that K-12 is target and shared anecdote concerning elementary level service. Also suggested was the idea of a panel discussion with people that have done service-learning with different age groups.  Tracey Harkin was identified as a source of information for potential presenters.
  • The group also provided thoughts and feedback on Networking strategies. Need to check on what worked last year.  A lesson learned from Member Conference was the “speed networking” model with grouping and re-grouping of people in small groups to share information.  PPC also suggested Book clubs for educators and breakout groups with topics/structure. DR identified challenges with virtual platform and shared that it has not been very useful.  VK reiterated round robin idea with specific tasks and noted that the model from last year worked well.
  • Fundraising – we need sponsors. KP was hoping to nail down keynote prior to significant outreach.  VK asked about sponsorship levels. KP shared that the highest level was removed.  Now $500. $1000 & $3000 for sponsor levels. The group shared a variety of suggestions for potential funders.
  • Remaining Needs – sponsors, getting presenters

7. Other Business

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Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm