Communications Task Force: Oct. 2020

Present 10/14: Chair Jenifer Tilton Flood, Jessica Nixon, Julia Fiori, John Portella, Bryan Roche

Present 10/21: Chair Jenifer Tilton Flood, Julia Fiori, John Portella, Zakk Maher, Bryan Roche

The Communications Task Force met electronically for its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 and again on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020 to continue an ongoing discussion The Task Force discussed the following:

New website and infographic content (10/14 and 10/21): Both meetings featured lengthy, substantive discussion about the data elements of the new home page. The "dashboard" section will not only serve as a place to quickly and visually communicate the impact volunteerism has on Maine people, but it will also serve as way for the public to better understand the role of Volunteer Maine within the larger State government picture.

At the conclusion of the discussion, the group decided to focus on simplicity and impact when choosing which sections to focus on and the data elements to investigate. Roche will be responsible for finding the data elements. Each section header corresponds with the core messaging elements of Volunteer Maine. The group will make final decisions during the November meeting.

The Task Force will continue to evaluate "dashboard" content on a rolling basis. Once the website is live, the group can further flesh out what may work better or best, making sure funding priorities are better reflected in data elements, and also delve into other content. 


  • National Service (all data will be calmative since start of National Service in Maine)
    • Number of volunteers
    • Number of those impacted/served
    • Number of communities served by National Service
    • Number of service hours
    • Demographic breakout of those served/impacted by National Service in Maine
  • The Commission
    • Number of Commissioners
    • Number of Organizations Represented by Commissioners by service, employment, or volunteering
    • Amount of Money awarded to Maine Communities
  • The Maine Spirit of Volunteerism
    • Number of people impacted 
    • Number of organizations involved 
    • Amount of monies awarded
    • Training hours provided
    • Volunteer hours
    • Number of volunteers
    • Demographic breakout of volunteers
  • Emergency Management 
    • Roche to consult with Michael Ashmore, Program Training and Development Officer
  • The Culture and Why of Volunteerism
    • This is the impact black where stories will be told in the words of our volunteers, grantees, and those of the community who are served

New task force members (10/21): The group welcomed new Commissioner Zakk Maher to the meeting, who is considering joining the Comms/Public Policy Task Force. The current group has expressed a desire to expand, and would like to give new Commissioners, like Maher, a chance to join in and try out the Task Force.

The next Task Force meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.