Board Development

October 30, 2015


Present: Celeste Branham, Ron Holmes, Maryalice Crofton

Status of Candidates. A check with Boards and Commissions indicates the recommendations submitted are moving through background checks.

Remaining open seats. There are five seats that remain open. A candidate for National Service has been invited to submit the paperwork but nothing has arrived yet. Celeste has a contact with an insurance company that could meet the employee volunteering program preference. There isn't a candidate for the natural resources/environmental seat or the youth commissioner. Any candidates identified will have to be sent to the Governor in early December. Then we will hold on recruitment until the natural cycle of May-July.

New Commissioner Orientation.  There are normally 4 sessions. The plan is to hold off until January so all new Commissioners can be involved. Maryalice was asked to redistribute the content among the sessions in light of the fact the task forces will be briefing all Commissioners within the regular business meeting. The changes will aim to make each session less dense.

The task force ended its teleconference at 9:10 am.