Program Development & Training Officer: September 2023

Major projects completed
•    Submitted a proposal to present at the upcoming AmeriCorps Symposium hosted by AmeriCorps Agency. 
•    Drafted new Commission Investment Fund application and Budget due the first week in October.
•    Developed an outreach list to comply with the new policy to address 2 CFR 200.231.  Work on refining and expanding the list will be ongoing.
•    Met with planning group working on the micro-credential course in basic Volunteer Management and opened the first level for Beta Testing
•    Developed new outreach with Maine Foster Youth support staff to open channels for recruitment and participation by youth aging out of care to serve in AmeriCorps and introduced them to the iFoster program in California and representatives of their planning grant staff working to develop tools for supporting Foster youth to serve.

AmeriCorps Grantees
•    Began training of new planning grantees – scheduled monthly regular meetings and office hours, set up the awardees in the grants management systems and began initial training sessions with them.
•    Assisted existing programs with start-up challenges, including work with Trekkers new staff members. Published the calendar of AmeriCorps-related events for the 2023-24 grant year. Provided guidance to all programs related to the national guidance on assessing the “benefits to business” prohibition and provided another round of finance training.
•    Continued outreach efforts for the AmeriCorps fall competitions – Formula, Rural state and Competitive, seeking applicants from Maine, including the Penobscot Nation and other Climate Corps/AmeriCorps potential applicants. 

Issues to be aware of
•    Start up with both MDOE programs has been an ongoing challenge.  Volunteer Maine continues to work extensively with their newly hired program director (covering both programs) and assisting her in operationalizing the necessary program components and support the department in establishing effective recruitment strategies.
•    Competitive application round is not expected to bring new of applicants. Conservation Corps is submitting a recompete application. Fall formula competition is expected to bring a small number, including a prior planning grantee.
•    Ongoing work still includes recruitment support for programs as is possible, development of planning grantee agendas for the coming year while assisting ongoing programs assisting.