Program Development & Training Officer: November2023

Major projects completed –

  • Met with new awardee, Penobscot tribe, multiple times to establish a training sequence and to begin the process of setting the staff up for success with a January program start date.
  • Updated financial training tools and provided an AmeriCorps financial management training for the finance staff of the Penobscot Tribe.
  • Attended and represented the Commission at the annual AmeriCorps Symposium in Washington for the final week of the month. Participated in specialized workshops and connected with key agency personnel, including the CEO, the AmeriCorps Director and Deputy Director, and the Acting Inspector General, as well as with other agency staff and peers from around the country.
  • Provided individualized support for planning grantees on multiple occasions throughout the month but was forced to postpone the regularly scheduled group Technical Assistance session due to a family emergency.
  • Presented at the quarterly Maine VOAD meeting, sharing training offered by the Commission and revisiting the functions of the Maine Ready VRC platform used by the state in disasters.
  • Met with MDOE staff relating to recission of CDS funding. Supported Grants Officer and Exec Director in process of closing grant.
  • Participated in MYAN Positive Youth Development Conference, representing AmeriCorps and Commission programming to attending youth and agencies supporting them.
  • Provided NCCC outreach materials and support for towns of China & Unity
  • Hosted monthly Technical Assistance meeting. Also provided individual assistance to GPCOG and MSS on member policies and provided other grantees with support, including OnCorps troubleshooting, recruiting, and background check procedures.
  • Worked with ASC representatives on Evaluation Committee and on developing comments for proposed AmeriCorps changes announced in the Federal Register

Issues to be aware of

  • The Penobscot Tribal Grant has a short window to set up and get started. The Training Officer is scheduled for 4 all day trainings with the program, financial and human resource staff, one on each Tuesday in December
  • Enrollment projection for GPCOG is reported to be strong for an early January cohort start. MSS reports full enrollment. Other January programs have yet to project, but –overall – recruitment is stronger than last year.
  • Federal register comments are due in early December for proposed changes that could have immediate and lasting impact on AmeriCorps. These include changes to the match scale and timing of increases, the number of times members can serve, and the limitations on training hours for members in programs interested in workforce development, among other changes.

Major focus of effort in the new month

  • Completing training cycle for Penobscot Nation program.
  • Energizing the Volunteer Manager’s Network to increase meeting participation and establish a consistent protocol for meetings and agenda development.
  • Implementing strategy to support failed AC applicant so that they feel capable and empowered to apply in a later competition and begin outreach for the spring formula competition.
  • Establishing the AmeriCorps Member conference committee and kick off planning. Complete required federal reporting on past planning grantees and make up missed content for current planning grantees missed in November.

Other activity –

  • Staffed Excellence & Expertise Task Force.
  • Regular AmeriCorps Technical Assistance to new and existing grantees via email, teleconference & face to face.
  • Support staff for Procurement system management and entry of financial documents in state purchasing system, including purchase orders, bids, and contracts.