Climate Corps Coordinator: October 2022

Major Projects:

  • Coordinated review process for Climate Corps RFA with peer reviewers and grant task force. 
  • Supported Maine Volunteer Foundation in submitting a grant application for a climate-focused Service Fellow position. 
  • Worked on developing objective, processes, and criteria for new Maine Climate Corps Network. 
  • Developed workplan goals for coming year. 
  • Presented to Blue Hill Peninsula Tomorrow climate action working group to share opportunity of Climate Corps and Maine Service Fellows. 
  • Worked with ASC colleague on workshop presentation proposal for 2023 Corps Network Conference. 
  • Traveled to Hancock and Washington Counties to meet with community groups and learn about their needs. 
  • Met with contacts in local government, state government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
  • Met with potential applicants for AmeriCorps grants.
  • Attended Maine Municipal Association Conference to recruit towns for Service Fellows and Climate Corps.


  • Attended staff meetings.
  • Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup.
  • Attended Commission meeting.
  • Attended Research and Evaluation Task Force Meeting.
  • Attended Justice40 workgroup meeting in state government. 
  • Attended Partnership for Civilian Climate Corps implementation workgroup.

Upcoming Project Focus

  • Work with selected grantee for Climate Corps RFA on revisions to budget and application. 
  • Outreach and engagement to generate interest in AmeriCorps Operational grants in alignment with Climate Corps priorities. 
  • Attend Bangor Fusion conference to network with organizations and community leaders. 
  • Attend Nature-based Education Consortium Convening. 
  • Attend and support Volunteer Manager's Conference. 
  • Research and network to identify potential funding sources for Climate Corps (via Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and other sources).
  • Launch first Climate Corps E-News.
  • Propose Maine Climate Corps Network criteria to Task Force and full Commission for approval. 
  • Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc.