Climate Corps Coordinator: November 2023

Major Projects:
Enroll new applicants into the Maine Climate Corps Network. Confirmed total of 8 programs in Network. Planned for December in-person gathering. 
Explored federal funding opportunities to support Maine Climate Corps; in conversation with partners about collaborative grant proposals.
Conducted peer review process and staff review for AmeriCorps Competitive RFA. 
Delivered workshop and tabled at Maine Youth Leadership Network conference to engage youth about Climate Corps and other service opportunities. 

Met with contacts in government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup.
Attended staff meetings and trainings.
Met with potential applicants for AmeriCorps grants and conducted outreach.
Continue to support Maine Climate Corps grantee with program development and operation and reporting. 
Supported Climate Corps Task Force meeting. 
Attended Climate Council Workgroup on Community Resilience, Public Health, Emergency Management meeting.  
Contact with media regarding Maine Climate Corps. 
Met with Maine Service Fellow Coordinator regarding transition items.

Upcoming Project Focus:
Plan for potential Federal funding opportunities for climate corps. 
Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
Participate in Community Resilience Climate Council workgroup. 
Develop resources for Maine Climate Corps Network.
Wrap up AmeriCorps Grant Competition including grants task force review and preparing selection package for procurement 
Support Maine Service Fellow and conduct recruitment and onboarding for newest placement.  
Develop Volunteer Management MicroCredential Course.