Maine Service Fellows

The Program Advisory Committee convened virtually.

I.    Reintroductions
Members: F. Celeste Brahman, Rep. Morgan Rielly, Betsy Fitzgerald, Rebecca Graham, Kate Tagai, Orion Breen.
Staff: Maryalice Crofton, Kelsey Preecs
II.    Review of Minutes 
The minutes of the 12/8 meeting were approved. 

III.    Update on request for funds for the MSFP through Maine Climate Corps funding
Maryalice updated the status. The Maine Climate Corps report to the legislature includes a recommendation for some Maine Service Fellows funding. It is expected that small towns will have the same capacity issues when it comes to preparing project plans and tapping into Climate Corps. 

IV.    Update on request for ARP funds to be provided for the MSFP
No movement has been made with ARP funding.

V.    Report on meeting with the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce
Orion updated. While GPCC sees the value in the program for the state, they are hesitant to promote something that will be focused on rural counties. We will continue to reach out to other chambers in areas that have more potential for impact in their areas. There was also a meeting with the Exec Director of the Bangor Area Chamber of Commerce.

VI.    Draft of sponsor requirements
Kelsey reviewed the first draft of the sponsor requirement. Areas of feedback included:
•    Extending projects to up to 4 years and a 2-year commitment from Fellows. This allows for Fellows to have enough time to build the relationships they need to have an impact on the community.
•    Clarity on what projects can encompass. 
•    Add to the list of Volunteer Maine responsibilities to host meetings to foster networking among the Fellows.  
•    Are we excluding too many organizations by not allowing organizations who have AmeriCorps members to apply?
o    Discussion concluded that one goal of Maine Service Fellows is give organizations unable to handle the AmeriCorps program requirements, a chance to apply and benefit from the program.

NEXT MEETING: March 15, 2022 at 4:30 pm.