Executive Committee

The members convened at 3:30 pm using the virtual meeting technology.

PRESENT: Luke Shorty, Jenni Tilton-Flood, Celeste Branham, Pam Proulx-Curry, Maryalice Crofton

Consideration of new funding application to support youth conservation corps (under 18 yos). Exec Committee members had received the outline of a proposal from staff. The federal funds would cover pass through grants to support or establish Youth Conservation Corps. Ten legacy youth corps still exist in Maine. The movement was strongest in the 1980s when US Dept of Justice and other federal agencies funded and promoted these corps. Maine Conservation Corps was consulted and is not applying. If successful, the Commission’s proposal would make grants and there are funds for a grant manager on staff.

Executive Committee members agreed the opportunity was in alignment with service goals, especially because AmeriCorps is not able to engage people as young as 14 years old. The concern was around staff capacity and whether the grant management would be added to an existing position’s duties. It would not because the grant has a line for a dedicated program officer for the 5year life of the grant project. A second concern was what level of work would this add if the other Northern Border Commission grant came through. If that funding materializes, it will only support 4 Service Fellows so that fits within existing management of that program. The final issue discussed was a policy on submitting for new sources (i.e., not CNCS) of federal funds. Maryalice was asked to bring a draft proposal to the board for consideration. For this proposal, there will be an item on the board agenda for awareness and comment. Executive Committee does support moving forward with the application.

Preparing for September board reappointments and appointments. Documents for reappointments, confirmation of reappointment intentions, and new recommended candidates need to be wrapped up by the June meeting. Expiring terms are Sue Asselin-Hawthorne, ed Barrett, Phil Bosse, Stacie Haines, Diane Lebson, Rob Meinders, Pam Proulx-Curry, Nate Rudy. Those who are completing full terms will need to submit the full paperwork if they wish reappointment. Maryalice is clarifying what newer appointees (those completing someone else’s term) need to do. At least two resignations are expected and both give an opportunity to balance the geographic representation (need increased Oxford/Franklin/Somerset representation) and political diversity (Democrats over represented) to comply with federal and state representation requirements. Jenni will follow-up with anyone who has not made their reappointment wish clear. Luke will reach out to a western area legislator for suggestions on local government representative.

June Board planning. The Board Ambassador program will be launched in the June meeting. It makes sense to reintroduce the annual National Service Program Staff recognition luncheon and have it be immediately after the board meeting. There was agreement to do this. It was noted that officer elections and change of leadership are also in June.

Board agenda for May 12. Grant Task Force needs the bulk of the time. Others with discussion items are Exec (funding proposal and policy) and Public Policy. The DEI facilitated learning will move to be within the agenda rather than be after the meeting. This may help board members with work obligations that preclude them from participating in the add-on format.

There being no other discussion items the members dispersed at 4:30 pm.