Board Development Task Force

February 26, 2016


Present: [by teleconference] Ron Holmes, Celeste Branham, Maryalice Crofton

The work session opened at 8:30 am. 

First item of discussion was recruitment of potential members. There has been a suggestion that we forward names to the Governor’s Chief of Staff for advice on likelihood of acceptance. This would save people who would not be selected from having to fill out all the releases and paperwork.

Gordon Liu is definitely leaving Maine to return to Minnesota. He expects to leave the first week of April so will not be present at the next Commission meeting. Celeste will write to Gordon and ask for recommendations on a successor.

There is someone from Emera Maine interested in serving. That would leave just four other seats needing candidates – presuming everyone up for reappointment wants to serve another term. Maryalice was asked to get a list of Maine people who earned the CVA credential. Depending on their organizations, they might qualify for one of the open seats.

Maryalice had a meeting with Acting Commissioner Beardsley. He is considering a change in his designee.

It is time to start planning the annual Commission retreat. The content needs John’s input as the next chair so this discussion was moved to Executive Committee which meets in a few days. All commissioners should be polled for input as well. Because it is nearly time to develop a new strategic plan, it would seem appropriate to spend some time on needs in Maine and new funding priorities. The foundation board should be asked to join the retreat so they have a ground-floor view.

The Commission leadership in New Hampshire and Vermont have inquired if the Executive Committee in Maine is interested in a tri-state commission leadership meeting. There is interest in Maine and the best time would be early June. 

Meeting closed at 9:15 am.