Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives: September 2021

Major Projects Underway:

  • Volunteer Program survey data around the effects of COVID are in, staff is now looking at the ways that support would be most beneficial to these programs. Most notably organizations were looking for guidance on how to safely re-open volunteer programs and keep their volunteers safe.
  • We have issued Disaster Preparedness grants for service projects that help communities become better educated and ready to deal with emergencies.
  • VGF continuation was awarded: most notable goals for the coming year is starting Teen CERTS around the state, service-learning training, and updating the CMV course.
  • Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference Registration is open. The MVLC is October 12. We are still looking for sponsors (Thank you Cabot)!

Upcoming Project Focus:

  • Looking for youth organizations interested in CERT
  • Volunteer Generation Fund’s ARP funding has not been announced yet – however we are beginning to strategize how we would apply these funds and which organizations to partner with.