Program Officer for Volunteer Initiatives: October 2021

Major Projects Underway:

  • Volunteer Program survey data around the effects of COVID infographics are in the works, along with an advisory list for reopening volunteer opportunities
  • VGF continuation was awarded: most notable goals for the coming year is starting Teen CERTS around the state, service-learning training, and updating the CMV course.
  • Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference has happened by the time we have this meeting. I am manifesting that it will be a phenomenal conference.
  • Recruitment for community organizations interested in service learning training, funded by the MOTT Foundation.
  • Currently receiving training on how to train organizations in Service Enterprise. Looking forward to launching a cohort in the spring.

Upcoming Project Focus:

  • Looking for youth organizations interested in CERT
  • Volunteer Generation Fund’s ARP funding has not been announced yet – however we are beginning to strategize how we would apply these funds and which organizations to partner with.