Grants Officer: March 2024

Major projects completed:

•    Assisted A Climate to Thrives Program Director with reimbursement requests in OnCorps
•    following up on the AmeriCorps Payment Integrity Disallowance Notice for Learning Works
•    Site monitoring visits (member interviews) for Maine Conservation Corps and Trekkers
•    Set-up a meeting with Carroll Chapman who is interested in starting a non-profit with the intent of running an AmeriCorps program
•    Assisted Maine Youth Alliance PD with the performance measures in OnCorps
•    Coordinated a site visit to Snow Pond with members to assess the layout for the upcoming AmeriCorps member conference
•    Meeting with Erastus the Senior Advisor (National Service), Office of Global Operations for the Peace Corps about future recruitment collaboration 
•    Set up the profile for the Community Tree Steward program in OnCorps
•    Reached out to the Governor’s staff to inquire about reserving the Blaine House for the AmeriCorps Celebration of Service 
•    Meeting with Program Development and Training Officer about the upcoming member conference planning meetings about agendas and timeline while they are out of country
•    Attended and participated in the Permanent Commission on the status of racial indigenous and tribal populations workshop with Wabanaki Reach 
•    Grants Task Force monthly meeting about the update on the Penobscot Nation Housing Department award and the status of funding 

Items to be aware of:
•    A Climate to Thrive has submitted their last reimbursement and are now in the close-out phase of their award
•    The progress report for 20FXHME001 is due on April 30th
•    Grantee progress reports for AmeriCorps programs are due on April 20th
•    Attendance of the ASC conference in Minneapolis at the end of the month 

Major focus of effort for the next month:
•    Wrapping up and verifying close-out for a Climate to Thrive
•    Beginning the financial monitoring for all AmeriCorps programs
•    Review of all of the performance measures in OnCorps