Grants Officer

Major projects completed:

  • Processed contracts for KVCAP, MDF, UMaine COA, the Town of Van Buren and AYCC through Maine Procurement systems
  • Contract completed for Trekkers and GPCOG, which was sent out for Program’s signature; funding codes were set up for these programs and initiated in Advantage (Office of the State Controller) for approval
  • Attended and participated in the ASC Grantmaking Work Group
  • Attended the September AmeriCorps ARPA finance plan call
  • Contacted Regional PO about the Service Opportunities in the MyAmeriCorps portal taking awhile to get approved, these service opportunities must be in the portal in order to enroll a member; this fact was reiterated to all sub-grantees through email at the beginning of the month and also during the most recent TA meeting
  • Working with the Deputy Commissioner for the Maine DOE and the State of Maine, Division of Purchases to get contracts and PJF documents signed in DOE procurement and Purchasing Maine for final approval of contracts
  • GTF meeting to discuss Public health funding, which will go to directly to the Federal Agency first and then come through the commission, if the application is selected. Also discussed was the competitive NOFO and Federal the updated priorities 
  • Attended and participated in the monthly State Service Commission Civic Reflection discussion
  • Assisted with the monthly New Grantee training and TA meeting 
  • Processing of PER’s and reimbursement request for all AmeriCorps programs
  • Stationed the Volunteer Maine booth at the Eastern Maine Emergency Preparedness Expo for the 9/11 day of Service and 20-year memorial service with 2 AmeriCorps members from MEAP
  • Received certificate for the FTLF class for Federal Grants training  
  • Consultation with AYCC Program Director about pending exits and assisted in the completion before the 30-day deadline

Issues to be aware of:

  • None currently

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Complete the Set-up of programs in the new OnCorps year and update forms 
  • Finalize contracts for all programs
  • Strategizing and documenting the GO Work Plan for the next year 
  • Continued an ongoing review and process of Periodic Expense Reports (PER’s), Periodic Income Reports (PIR’s), Aggregated Financial Reports (AFR’s) and Grantee Progress Reports (GPR’s) along with corresponding reimbursement requests
  • Attending and running Staff tech support during the upcoming Volunteer Leadership Conference 
  • Collaborating with the Program Development & Training officer about the formation and framework of I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Accessibility) training for all sub-grantees 

Prepared by Grant Officer Jamie McFaul