Grant Officer: November 2023

Major projects completed:

  • Assisted MYA Program Director with enrollment issues in the eGrants portal in order to start their new member on time 
  • Technical assistance meeting in October and November
  • Participation in the AmeriCorps State & National grantee/Commission call(s)
  • Contact with DAFS about late payments to assess when they will be paid out to subgrantees
  • Assisted DOE Program Manager with AmeriCorps start-up by providing templates for positions descriptions, service opportunities and member agreement 
  • Sent out welcome email to new Grants Task Force members and set up time for the GTF grant review
  • Contact with DOE Director of Finance to confirm that the Penobscot Nation’s funding codes were set up properly in the system 
  • Working with DAFS to assess where Maine Conservation Corps’ unpaid reimbursements requests are at in their process
  • Meeting with DOE CDS directors to discuss the close-out of the program
  • Determining which invoices for our subgrantees have not been paid out, confirming this with all subs that are affected 
  • Secured the speaker for the Viles Arboretum event, Celebration of Service, on October 12th
  • Sent out Continuation and Instruction Parameters to the Department of Education and GPCOG
  • Assisted DOE Program Director with slot conversion
  • Handled the catering for the Celebration of Service event
  • Review of GPR’s for the reports due to the Federal Agency for 20FXHME001, 20ESFME001 and 21AFFME001

Items to be aware of:

  • Both Program awards that the DOE was set to operate have been cancelled.
  • DAFS still has not fixed the issue with the payment system and there are still outstanding invoice for our subgrantees 

Major focus of effort for the next month:

  • Verifying close-outs are completed, sending that information over to our Regional SPO, and archiving them 
  • Checking to see if the necessary corrections to GPR’s have been made so that they can be approved 
  • Scheduling out member monitoring/ member interview notifications to all operational programs; some member interviews can be virtual when necessary