Communications Officer: April 2021

Major projects completed

  • Pitched and earned coverage on WABI TV for Governor's Awards for Service and Volunteerism nomination deadline
  • Organized and produced mass mailing of printed annual reports to Commissioners, the Legislature and supporters
  • Completed audit of communications channels in an effort to better utilize all channels
  • Completed review of bulk email distribution, and provided findings and suggestions to improve performance to Communications Task Force
  • Produced first segment of Service Instigator video PSA campaign with Maine Conservation Corps
  • Refined Service Instigator info packets for Commissioners to use in outreach
  • Produced Volunteer Fare monthly newsletter
  • Produced new template for Commission-branded one-sheets/info sheets
  • Produced outreach and content idea packet for Maine AmeriCorps Senior Corps programs for upcoming Maine AmeriCorps Seniors Week.

Issues to be aware of

  • Service Instigator PSA production: Due to the extra amount of coordination needed to produce the PSAs, and given the schedule of each Commissioner working on the project/each member of the public asked to participate, final products may be delivered later than the targeted deadline of May 10. As of the time this report was filed, the project is still on track to be completed by 5/10/21.
  • Creative backlog: Roche continues to tackle outstanding creative projects, mostly video and storytelling projects, that needed to be reprioritized in order to complete the annual report and provide member conference support.

Major focus of effort in the next month

  • Producing AmeriCorps member stories, video and text
  • Collaborating with Communications Task Force to compete the production process of Service Instigator PSA campaign and move into the distribution phase
  • Establish plan for Service Instigator branding and resource page
  • Convert Service Instigator PSAs to radio PSA
  • May edition of Volunteer Fare monthly newsletter
  • Investigating feasibility of adding TikTok to social media lineup
  • Refining communications plan and activities based off of audit findings
  • Helping to coordinate Maine AmeriCorps Seniors week
  • Preparing for FY22 budget

Other activity

  • None to report. Thanks for reading!

Prepared by Communications Officer Bryan Roche