Climate Corps Coordinator: October 2023

Major Projects:

  • Maine Climate Corps Network currently has 6 programs enrolled and 2 pending. The application period is now closed and will re-open in the Spring. 
  • Explored federal funding opportunities to support Maine Climate Corps; in conversation with partners about collaborative grant proposals.
  • Expert in evaluation delivered training to Climate Corps Oversight Task Force. 
  • Supported Maine Volunteer Leadership Conference, AmeriCorps Celebration of Service and Service Project, and hosted a tour with the Portland Parks Department exploring community engagement/volunteerism in parks programming. 
  • Delivered information session for AmeriCorps State Competitive RFA and compiled Q&A summary. 
  • Ongoing:
  • Continue to support Maine Climate Corps grantee with program development and operation and reporting. 
  • Met with contacts in local government, state government, federal government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
  • Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup.
  • Attended staff meetings and trainings.
  • Met with potential applicants for AmeriCorps grants and conducted outreach.
  • Attended Maine Municipal Association conference to educate municipal officials about Volunteer Maine programs. 
  • Attended Lifelong Maine Housing Matters conference. 
  • Attend Commission retreat.
  • Met with Maine Service Fellow Coordinator regarding transition items.

Upcoming Project Focus:

  • Plan for potential Federal funding opportunities for climate corps. 
  • Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
  • Participate in Community Resilience Climate Council workgroup. 
  • Develop resources for Maine Climate Corps Network.
  • Run AmeriCorps Grant Competition including peer review and grants task force review. 
  • Plan for Maine Service Fellow tasks. 
  • Attend Maine Youth Leadership Conference and deliver workshop