Climate Corps Coordinator: April 2023

Major Projects:

  • Presented at New England Youth Identity Summit.
  • Visited Aroostook County to meet with potential partners.
  • Presented to Maine Conservation Voters at a Lunch and Learn.  
  • Developed application for Northern Border Regional Commission
  • Plan for US Forestry Funding opportunity. 
  • Met with contacts in local government, state government, federal government, Maine organizations, and national service programs. 
  • Met with potential applicants for AmeriCorps grants and conducted outreach.
  • Researched and connected partners with federal funding opportunities
  • Attended staff meetings and trainings.
  • Attended ASC Climate Corps workgroup.
  • Participated in Micro-credential Volunteer Management development meetings. 
  • Supported Climate Corps Task Force meeting. 

Upcoming Project Focus:

  • Plan for potential Federal funding opportunities for climate corps. 
  • Continuing to meet and have calls with representatives of Maine organizations, national service, state government, etc. 
  • Develop partnership and funding proposal for community forestry focused Youth Conservation Corps.
  • Support Climate Corps grantee.