Maine Service Fellows Development

December 19, 2018


In Attendance: Maryalice Crofton, Libby Hite, Ed Barrett, Orion Breen

The task force met at 1:00 pm by teleconference. 

Program Development:

  • Maryalice shared information from her call with the Island Institute Fellows Program.
    • Pay fellows $15,000/year – 30 hours/week at minimum wage
    • Provide housing (hold leases) and benefits package
    • Fellows provide a mix of capacity building and direct service. The freedom for flexibility is appreciated by sites.
    • Fellows are paired with advisors to assist with community integration.
    • Community partners contribute $8,000 in the first year and $10,000 in the following years
    • Fellows are split – ½ are typically in-state residents and ½ relocate to serve in the program.
    • Fellows must be recent graduates (within 5 years) – not limited by age.
  • Cost per fellow to run the program estimated at $50,000 (per Island Institute)
  • Sites/Partner Agencies will be asked to contribute – what amount? Suggestion was made to bring sites in on a tiered approach.
  • Issue of fellows as “employees” per Maine law – suggestion could be to provide funding to the partner agency to employ the fellow. Maryalice will consult the AG’s office for guidance.
  • Questions raised about liability insurance/ workers comp. How will this be handled?
  • Recommendations made:
    • Fellows will focus on key issues identified at the community level.
    • Part of the fellows’ role will be to develop a network of agencies to support the issue area and build partnerships (10-15%). This network would be designed as a sustainable resource for the community.
    • Local mentors will be identified to support the fellows as they transition into their roles in the community.


  • Need input on draft one-pager. Should be a detailed elevator speech, a pitch for why this program is needed. Everyone was asked to email their comments to Libby.
  • Stock Photos needed.
  • Site application will be developed once key questions have been answered regarding fellow benefits.
  • Suggested to share the one pager with Barbara Leonard at the Maine Health Access Foundation to help with potential funders.

Action Items:

  • Maryalice – meet with AG office for guidance on benefits/insurance.
  • ALL – send one pager suggestions to Libby.
  • Orion to set up a meeting with Bowdoin College as a potential partner agency.

Monthly meeting day/time:

  • Meetings are held at 1:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Next Meeting is January 16th at 1pm.